Information age: threatening of knowledge and history

Right now, people are in the center of the information age, where most human beings are obsessed with the information that they can find, buy, and sell. Thanks to modern technologies people have no problems with getting any needed data. However, the modern style of life doesn’t give them a chance to see what they miss thinking about the future and forgetting about the past. Nowadays, only a small group of people really know what it means to read, synthesize, and analyze books. Only some people can say that they did everything possible to look at some painting or to get some rare book. Others prefer to use the Internet for such things, but they do not appreciate what they have. In other words, people do not value information they have. It is necessary not to forget history and knowledge that our ancestors can give us. Technologies aren’t something bad, but people should remember how it is important to protect and pass wisdom and historical legacy to future generations.

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